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We are the ACC

ACC Chapters: Promoting quality through leadership, education, and advocacy at the local level.

Leadership & Mentoring

During a Governor's three year term of office, they acquire much wisdom and expand their talents through the experiences and personal growth they acquire through their term of office.  In an effort to continue to use and share their talent and knowledge, we have created a BOG Mentoring program for former Governors.  In the past, former Governors have volunteered for a two year term to share their expertise in leadership, management and other non-clinical topics with other Governors, members and fellows-in-training.  Some of these topics include, but are not limited to:


*       suggestions for contract negotiations;
*       how to job search;
*       malpractice suit non-legal advice;
*       Chapter management suggestions;
*       quality improvement programs startup advice;
*       tips on how to hold successful Chapter meetings;
*       building successful teams in your practice; and
*       purchasing an EHR.




Please contact Amy Dearborn at if you served as a Governor during the last three years and wish to participate in this effort.